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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 24, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. making news in america this morning, in just hours, president obama addresses the u.n. convincing more nations to join the fight against terror. a new group threatening the u.s. homeland. not just isis. air strikes just the start of that fight that could take years. we're live in the region with the latest. breaking overnight, new violence in ferguson, missouri. tensions high again after a memorial to michael brown is set ablaze. also overnight, wanted, police issuing an arrest warrant in the search for hannah graham, missing nearly two weeks. her suspected kidnapper nowhere to be found. and the new iphones are a hit, but are they too slim? look how far they can bend.
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good wednesday morning. we begin with the president's critical day ahead at the united nations. >> as the u.s. steps up against isis and al qaeda by launching air strikes in syria, the president will be shoring up his campaign for support. >> we have team coverage. and go live in just a moment. but begin with the united nations and tahman bradley. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama says that the united states cannot wage the battle against isis alone. so he's coming to the united nations today seeking military and financial help. today president obama addresses the united nations with the goal of recruiting more countries for the fight against isis. the meeting comes after the united states and five arab allies carried out a series of air strikes in syria against isis and the khorasan terror
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cell. more than 250 fighter bombs and missiles from fighter jets, drones and navy ships. striking camps, and this finance center. >> you can see on the left-hand side the before shot. and then you can see, as you look at it on the right-hand side, the after shot. >> reporter: officials believe the khorasan group, made up of 50 seasoned al qaeda fighters, many close to osama bin laden, were about to carry out an attack in europe or the united states homeland. they have been building bombs undetectable by the latest screening machines. and they addressed the five nations that help with the air fight. >> we have a severe and significant threat. we have seen a recognition of that threat. >> reporter: the president chairs a rare u.n. security council session with four heads of state.
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he will push for a resolution requiring countries to prosecute and penalize people who finance terror or travel abroad for terrorism training. now the marquee event is that rare security council session this afternoon chaired by president obama. it's only the second time a u.s. president has chaired the u.n. session. this will emphasize the seriousness of the threat. >> now for from the region. >> alexander marquardt join us live from turkey near the syrian border. what is the latest there? >> reporter: good morning, dan, reena, well, the pentagon said yesterday that two more air strikes had been carried out against isis targets. there were vehicles. those took place during the day yesterday. and the pentagon is considering them to be part of that first wave of strikes. but just moments ago, we started getting reports from syrian activists in the region, more
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strikes overnight, including along this border with turkey. it's unclear who carried them out. not believed to have been the syrian air force. but no strikes have been confirmed by the pentagon or the other governments in the coalition. at this point the assault against isis in syria is likely to slow downgoing forward, look more like the operation in iraq against isis. a few strikes every day or every other day. the white house made it clear this is a long operation that will likely take several years. >> that is isis, but as we heard, the khorasan group, what do we know as far as an imminent threat? >> reporter: for most people, this group came out of nowhere. almost never mentioned. it had certainly behind closed doors in classified meetings on capitol hill. it's not been one of the major fighting groups in syria or around the world. it's essentially a small al
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qaeda cell attached to the main group made up of veterans from afghanistan, yemen, pakistan. their goal isn't to take down the assad regime. it's not to create an islamic state like isis. their goal is to recruit some of the western jihadists, the thousands going to syria to fight, to recruit them to carry out attacks at home. and as tahman mentioned, the report, there was an imminent plot against the united states. of most concern to them was the ability and desire to develop new types of explosives that could be carried on to planes and other transportation undetected. >> and a group the intelligence communities will be watching. thank you, alex. that initial blitz of air strikes in syria may have disrupted a major terror plot aimed at the u.s. or europe. but a new report warns that the
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strikes targeting khorasan and others may embolden american isis recruits. and an american journalist kidnapped by somali pirates has been freed after two years. they worked to secure the release of michael scott moore who's mother lives near los angeles. he worked as a theater critic for a san francisco newspaper. he was researching a book on piracy when he was kidnapped. he is now reported to be in good condition. also breaking this morning, tensions spilling over again in the streets of ferguson, missouri. neighbors woke up to a fire burning the memorial at the site where michael brown was killed last month. after dark, people gathered and people looted a beauty parlor. they faced off against police
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chanting. police barricades are up, and some protesters vow to stay there all night. there's a new development in the case of the missing university of virginia student. 18-year-old hannah graham was last seen ten days ago. now jesse is considered a prime suspect. he was last seen with graham, meeting her at a mall near the uva campus. >> i thought we had probable cause to get an arrest warrant. and jesse leroy matthew jr., charging him with a class two felony of abduction with intent to defile. we are absolutely continuing the search for hannah as we speak, and we will continue our search for hannah. >> as police try to hunt down matthew, they are waiting on a test result from samples from his car and clothing from his apartment. three people are dead, including the gunman, in what
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appears to be a case of work place violence at this u.p.s. in alabama. an employee who had been let go returned and shot two supervisors. he then turned the gun on himself. we're finding out more information about what federal authorities knew about the white house jumper months ago. omar gonzalez had been interviewed twice before. he was questioned after his arrest in july for possessing an illegal sawed-off shotgun, and then in august after he was found near a white house fence carrying a hac ing ing a hatche. both times the secret service did not consider him a threat. and the nation's weather, heavy rain in the west coast, 4 inches possible up into the pacific northwest. more heavy rain in the southeast coastline and a band of showers from texas to the great lakes. >> cooler for much of the
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nation, 60s and 70s for the east. but 103 degrees in phoenix. coming up, find out how to find holiday travel deals now. and the incredible, bendable iphone 6. has apple made it just a little too thin? and the salute that has so many talking. but it's not the first time we have seen a preoccupied president.
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well, we're starting to see the first effects of the home depot data breach.
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that can be bent as demonstrated in this video, unbox therapy. after only a few days, the phones have been warped by just being in their pockets. some now calling this bend-gate. >> how appropriate. >> it is a little disconcerting when you drop that amount of cash on something that can do something it's not supposed to. >> i thought they would have tested that. >> one would have thought. and one of the nation's most wanted men, as police in pennsylvania are closing in. and tempers are rising as baseball's season nears its end. highlights, coming up. you can eat that on weight watchers? looks amazing. looks like my next dinner party. that's only 4 points? with weight watchers you can enjoy the food you really want. dine out on favorites... or cook up something new. i can do this every day.
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that monster wildfire east of sacramento, the king fire, has now grown to nearly 140 square miles, destroying 12 homes, threatening 120,000 other structures and triggering the evacuation of 3,000 people. that fire is only 35% contained. and the smoke from the wildfire is now rolling over lake tahoe, reducing visibility near zero. much wetter weather there this morning. flooding conditions, in fact, extend along the west coast from northern california to the pacific northwest. wet roads in the east coast and florida. and a band of showers from north
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texas up to the great lakes. good news if you're flying, no major delays. and new insight this morning into the man suspected of killing a pennsylvania state trooper. >> eric frein was in a documentary. showing him participating in a vietnam war reenactment, spending days in the woods, and includes a long interview with him as well. >> it's about teaching the public and showing the equipment that was used, talking about the history of it all. it's not vietnam, we're in the middle of pennsylvania. we're in a revolutionary war fort. it's not a place to reenact the battle. >> back then frein seems to know it's all a game. but the line between reality and the game is now blurred for frein, police believe. s.w.a.t. teams will be hunting for him today. the ebola outbreak could infect 1.4 million people in west africa by january. the cdc predicts as many as 20,000 in the region by
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november. those numbers will continue to increase without international efforts to stop the disease from spreading. and there's a troubling link between autism and low iron in pregnancy. mothers of children with autism are less likely to take iron supplements in pregnancy. and an even greater risk of autism associated with low iron if the mother was over 35. the new jersey team that climbed the top of the trade center in new york was accused of trying to climb another one. climbing a water tower, that's a 175-foot brick structure. now charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. he and two others broke into the tower before police arrived. inspiration mall words from gabby giffords. while picking up an award from the ywa, she is still fighting to recover from being seriously
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wounded, but isn't giving up her fight against gun violence. she called on the women in the crowd to do the same. >> get involved with your community. be a leader. set an example. be passionate, be courageous, be your best. thank you very much. >> how far she's come along in that recovery. giffords spoke about her continuing therapy and mentioned she's taking yoga to help out with her treatment. >> she looks so terrific, doesn't she? >> it's amazing in that short period of time to see the advancement. >> and sports, things were heated in louisiana. puig of the dodgers got hit by a pitch. he didn't like that. >> not many would, they cleared the benches, cooler heads prevailed, no punches thrown. and the details from the guys at espn. >> welcome to the "sportscenter"
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set in los angeles. neil and stan. we're talking clinching scenarios. >> he hasn't said anything all night. let's go to dodger stadium. dodgers magic number is three. the giants have a magic number, too, it's two. the dodgers number is to win the nl west. and it was the birthday, and he homered on it. dodgers up 3-0. baumgartner homered, and justin turner led off the bottom of the first, and he did it again in the bottom of the eighth. six and seven on the season. turn two, dodgers win, 4-2. kershaw and the dodgers can clinch on wednesday. >> pirates can clinch a playoff berth with a win and a brewers loss. pirates taking on the braves in atlanta. tied, 2, andrew mccutchen on second, and here comes mccutc n mccutchen, two hits in the game.
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and the go ahead run. pirates take the lead, 3-2. bottom line, and now the brewers have lost. one on, one out, and runner on first, tony watts, freddy freeman. pirates win it 3-2, and they clinch their second post-season berth in as many years. back to you. >> so we usually don't say a lot about high school football, but with a highlight like this, this is the play of the day. it happened in south dakota. >> take a look, watch the ball on the extra point attempt. yes, it hits a defender in the head, hits the cross bar and goes through. the kids from the high school getting a bit of luck. went on to win 51-0. >> oh, good for them. >> nicely done. >> very nicely done. up next in the pulitzer, pitching star mo'ne davis going where only the greatest to have played the game have gone. and president obama's
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marine one, saluting with a cup of coffee in his right hand. >> plenty of comments calling it disrespectful to the military. but one online poster put this out there, former president bush saluting while carrying one of the dogs. plenty of commenting about this. >> i bet there are a lot of awkward moments in presidential salutes out there. >> yes, very true. and the morning coffee is difficult to part with. >> yeah. talking about the president, another former commander in chief holding the clinton initiative in new york. >> yesterday, that included hollywood a-lister matt damon. talking about cleaning up polluted water, he did a brief but good impression of the president. >> when we talked to president clinton, he said just keep running those numbers up, run them up. >> so president obama's talk followed damon's appearance.
4:24 am
the president joked about being the followup attraction. he was seeing people heading to the exits as he was starting. >> i thought it was a good impression. >> very good. i think more people have done bill clinton than perhaps any -- maybe knicksen would be the next one. someone should do a study. >> are you volunteering? >> absolutely, i will stay late today. we all remember the little lady who lit up the little league. mo'ne davis pitched a shutout, becoming the first girl to win a game in the tournament. >> she will be donating the jersey she wore to the hall of fame. and her teammates will be cheering her on, and play a game at the famous double day field on sunday. >> i love it. >> this was like a 70, 80, 90? >> incredible. >> it's huge. >> for some of you, your local
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>> ♪ >> hello everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. it is 4:27, wednesday, september 24th. we're following abacking story here. tragedy is unfolding right now in the logan section of philadelphia. we have just learned that a pregnant woman was shot and killed. we will have a live report coming up. storm tracker 6 double scan radar shows storms heading our way. see them in the south. grab an umbrella. you might lead it later on. accuweather is tracking this coastal storm that could pack some drenching rain for parts our area. owners of biggest new iphone have a bit of a complaint. they say it bends almost like a banana.southeast. and texas to the great lakes today. now there are just 11 contestants left on the "dancing with the stars." talk show host and author, tavis
4:28 am
smiley, cut last night. >> he may be feeling relieved this morning. george pi knock owe went backstage. >> tavis and sharna. >> reporter: tavis smiley enjoyenjo enjoyed his time on "dancing with the stars" even without the time to rehearse. his book tour took up a lot of hours, something he admitted to dancing fans. while the book just became a best seller, this chapter in tavis' life is over. >> the producers made the mistake, if you will, of putting me on in september when i asked to be on in march, because it wasn't fair to me and sharna, and to your point, wouldn't be fair to the fans. the fans deserve to see someone on the show who has the time to put the effort in to get better. that's how you respect the art form of dance. not putting somebody on who says i can't rehearse for eight to ten hours a week. >> reporter: his partner is sad it ended so suddenly.
4:29 am
>> we were about get to know all the other sides of tavis smiley. that's what excited me. i love them all. and it's a shame everybody else isn't going to see that. >> and i will be forever grateful and appreciative of the moment. no regrets. >> reporter: and no time to slow down. next monday is movie night. >> we are doing "west side story" which i grew up watching over and over again. it's one of my favorite movies. >> it's a disney movie, suitable for her. very cute and nice. ♪ dumb dumb dumb dumb >> is that your attempt at the loan ranger? >> that's what it sounded like. >> reporter: get your popcorn ready. "dancing with the stars" movie night is monday. >> what movie would you want to dance to? >> "9 to 5." you? >> "dirty dancing."
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>> >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> we are working on several breaking news stories on this wednesday, september 24th. a tragic story is unfolding this morning. an expectant mother was gunned down, her unborn child also did not make it. a live report is coming up. >> a man has been critically injured after a nasty crash in delaware overnight. we have new video of the rescue. >> and pennsylvania lawmakers finally pass the cigarette tax hike for philadelphia schools. it is heading to the governor's desk today. >> good morning out there, it is 4:30 its dry right


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